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Total Choice Radio is a community radio station which offers a unique chance for young people to learn new media skills and put them into practice during live broadcasts. I am the Managing Director and we went live full time on 31st October 2009 on 106.8fm (Tamworth) and online at


TCR fm have broadcast twice as a temporary station as an RSL (restricted service licence) to cover Tamworth, focusing on the 12-24 age range; something no other station in the area does. TCR fm's first broadcast took place over Summer 2005 from Saturday 30th July to Friday 26th August 2005 and then again in August 2007 both on 106.9 fm.

I have led some studio training and testing. It's quite tricky trying to co-ordinate all of the buttons in new surroundings but that's part of the challenge, especially when you are live on air!


TCR fm have some purpose-built studios in Tamworth Youth Centre in the centre of Tamworth, Staffordshire. This includes our on air studio and a second studio for news and production work.


Photos from the launch, along with others, can be seen on the station's flickr pages.

TCR fm
TCR fm

I present the weekend breakfast show on TCR fm:

Saturdays 9am - 11am

Sundays 10am - 12pm
(Yes it’s late for breakfast, call it brunch if you like!)


I play old and new pop and alternative tracks, nothing too heavy or too fussy.

All of the team work voluntarily and offer free training on many aspects of working in radio. TCR fm is a not-for-profit community organisation.


The “Two From One” is where I play 2 songs from 1 year which could be any from the 1960’s to today. It’s just a great excuse to play 2 tracks that may not normally get played on the radio, they could be the biggest hits of the year or long forgotten songs.

It’s one clip of music muddled. Straightforward. Or is it? There’s a real song hidden away amongst the noise and you’ve got to identify it. Try and get both the artist and song title right. We’ll tell you what the wrong entries are in an attempt to help you get it.